Overlord Platform
Event management system

Overlord is a B2B software product, offering an integrated event management solution that provides a host of tools for event staff & security personnel.

The system includes a cross-platform mobile/tablet app which allows "Gate attendants" to easily track & manage the flow of visitors in and out of the event as well as between different areas.

Area supervisors and event administrators can utilise the desktop or mobile app to delegate staff positions and review the event's status as it progresses. Detailed statistics allow staff to analyze event traffic in real-time and neutralise congestion before it arises.

Peripheral tools such as staff communication channels, security alarms, media attachments and personnel codes make Overlord a robust and flexible solution for event management at different levels.

Development began with wire-frames provided by the client and our team designed, developed, tested and deployed the Overlord platform entirely in-house.